Engine access: Sterndrives

Crawling around an engine bay, trying to reach some deeply buried component with three flex fittings on a socket wrench, is nobody's idea of a good time.

Thankfully, at least a handful of production boat builders have recognized this, and offer reasonably good access to the critical bits of the sterndrive system's prime mover.  Still, it seems there will always be a few that insist you hire a double-jointed 8-year-old with the mechanical skills of a Formula One pit crew just to change a spark plug.

Stock Plans

Click here to see all designs - stock, in progress and unavailable. The list below contains only those boats for which stock plans are currently available.

Stock plans are designs that are ready to go- you can get the complete plans immediately and start building tomorrow. Most of these boats are designed for amateur or advanced amateur construction; any professional yard familiar with a particular boat's construction method will also be able to build it.


Custom Design

Sometimes, you just can't find the boat you need. Perhaps you have an unusual combination of requirements. Perhaps you have your heart set on building your own, but none of the stock plans you can find are quite right for you. Perhaps you're looking to save money and/or get a better quality boat, compared to what you can find at brokerages.


Boat Design

Marsh Design offers a range of boat-related services, geared towards amateur builders with unusual or specialized requirements. Designer Matt Marsh is a lifelong boater, passionate about the water and the vessels that traverse it. 

Marine services offered by Marsh Design include:

Custom designs for power and sailing craft.

Stock plans for small craft, a slowly growing collection of designs I feel are good enough, and predictable enough, to offer to potential boat builders.


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