Boat Design

New designs from our drawing board, and assorted thoughts on boat design in general.

Why I love boat trailers

If a boat is a magic carpet for dreams, then a trailer is a magic carpet for a boat.

Simple systems: It's about design, not quantity

What do we mean when we say a boat's systems are "simple"?

There's a temptation, at times, to say that simplicity is about cutting back. About leaving out whole systems to save on installation and maintenance dollars. I don't think that's really what it's about.

What we're really looking for when we say "simple" is, more often than not, elegance. Maintainability. Reliability. The least complex, least costly way to fill a stated specification. The ability for the captain to understand, and repair, every system on the boat.

The meaning of simplicity

Many of you know that I'm an advocate of simplicity and elegance in systems design. What, though, does that really mean?

Inboard or outboard?

An important decision in any powerboat project is the choice of exactly what powertrain to use. Our Starwind 860 is now almost at the point where that decision must be locked in.

Should it be an inboard or an outboard? Gasoline or diesel? What kind of propeller?

And, importantly, why?