Design Prices

Stock Plans

Prices for our stock plans are listed at the bottom of each boat's page, if that plan is available.

Our stock plan model is a bit different than most. Drawings are delivered to you electronically, so we don't ship rolls of paper. This keeps the costs down, since you don't have to pay extra for shipping paper around the world (although we can print and mail drawings, at cost, if necessary).

We offer unlimited technical support to help you finish your project. If you can't figure out how something's supposed to go together, ask and we'll explain it. If you need some information that's missing from a drawing, we'll send it to you. If you're not sure whether a local wood is a good substitute for the specified one, ask us and we'll run the numbers to see if it's OK. It's all part of our carefully crafted scheme to turn frustrated, garage-bound builders into happy, lake-bound boaters.

Complete Custom Designs

Clients interested in a custom design are often worried about the cost spiralling out of control. Our solution to this problem is to define the total budget at the beginning of the project. The boat will be designed to stay well under budget if all goes well, leaving enough of a margin that a few late-stage change orders or builder delays won't break the bank.

Design services are billed as a percentage of the total estimated cost of the project. Depending on the size and complexity of the boat, the total design fee is typically in the range of 4 to 7 percent of the final cost of the boat.

When you consider the "extra" costs that go into a mass-produced boat (broker's fees, advertising, transportation costs, factory overhead) and the tendency of custom builders to run relatively lean operations, custom boats simply don't live up to their reputation as being unusually expensive. Plus, you get exactly what you want, designed to your own unique specifications.

Additional Boats

If you're commissioning a design for mass production, the design process and fee is exactly the same as for a one-off boat; additional boats produced will typically be assessed a small royalty on the order of 1% of their sale price.

Hourly Services

Design assist, repair & retrofit, surveying and other ad-hoc services are billed at hourly rates. Rates may vary depending on the complexity and risk involved in the project; contact us for details.