New plans: Almaguin 400 & 500 utility runabouts

The plans are ready! The four- and five-metre Almaguin runabouts, designed with first-time builders in mind, will be excellent fishing, utility or sport boats for inland lakes, rivers or calm coastal areas. They're built in taped-seam plywood and don't require elaborate jigs or fine carpentry skills. Have a look here, and please feel free to contact me if either of these boats interests you.

Almaguin 400 & 500




Nice Skiff

Hi Matt,

Looks like a nice utility boat design, and I like the build concept a lot. We seem to have got away from boats like this that provide good value and piles of fun for a reasonable price and/or investment in sweat.

I hope it works out well for you.

Re: Nice Skiff

Matthew's picture

I'm glad you like it, John. I designed these two for exactly the reasons you describe- a lot of fun and practicality from a simple, low-commitment build. There are a handful of somewhat similar, albeit older, designs around- Glen-L has a few in this size, for example, and of course the late Phil Bolger's plans are still available. In a way, these boats are a bit of an homage to Phil, who designed my current runabout- I've tried to capture the simplicity and elegance of his power skiffs in something that takes advantage of more modern materials and hydrodynamics.

Rewinding 11 years to when I started on Sunset Chaser, the Almaguin 500 is the boat I probably would have built for myself had I known then what I know now.

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