Retrofit, Repair & Systems Integration

Repairing, restoring or upgrading your boat can quickly become a complex, tedious endeavour. It's easy to get overwhelmed. How much can you do by yourself? What tasks are too complex and have to be farmed out? How do you decide between various suppliers, various equipment options? How do you even figure out what needs to be done to bring an old boat back?

We can help you make sense of it all. Whether it's a structural grid rebuild, an engine replacement, rewiring, or the addition of new electronics, I can help you to put together a logical, coherent and technically sound strategy for making sure things turn out the way you want.

We specialize in small boats- under ten metres or so. Most boatowners who would be looking for help in these areas are doing a lot of the work themselves, so we try to create repair and retrofit plans that are balanced for low cost and longevity- so you don't have to do it again in ten years- even if this means the work will take a bit longer to do.


Projects that might fall under the repair & retrofit umbrella could include:

  • Engine replacement (we can specify a new engine, redesign the engine mounts, and plan out the new wiring and plumbing runs)
  • Electronics upgrade (new network design, wiring schematics, systems integration & troubleshooting)
  • Structural rebuild (new scantling calculations, plan of work, shop drawings, quality control)
  • Leak tracing (identify the failed parts, plan the repair, test the repair)
  • Owner training (teach you how to repair and maintain something you're not familiar with)