Awenda 800


Awenda 800

Sturdy, trailerable lake and coastal cruisers, with 100-200 hp inboard engines turning jets or sterndrives. Top speeds would be in the mid to high 20 knot range, with no discernable planing hump and a comfortable 10 to 18 knot cruise speed. The smallest of the group is 8 m / 26' long and would weigh about 2000 kg with full tanks, crew and gear; the largest is 10 m / 33' and 3500 kg (again, fully loaded). I've done some one-sixth-scale model testing on the 10 m version, with promising results. Further development is on hold as I am focusing my efforts on the Starwind 800.


Length overall: 

8 m

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

Plans available: 

Not at this time

Build status: 

1/6 scale model testing started, plans for full-size version not yet finished

Design number: 

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